Sunday, April 20, 2014

full circle- new FAVORITE song-things that i love.

i heard this song 4 the 1st time... about a month ago, while i was lying on the couch once upon an afternoon, let's was my napping time. i heard it in my dream :D what i've missed, it was released about 2 years ago. damn.
been listening to it ever since, again and again, everyday.

i love perfumes, tommy girl p is one of my favs. it was on sale,. 
 i regret buyin this elle magazine. have never felt so dissapointed about magazine but this.. €6 ... dissapeared, i even didnt enjoy the item. oh well.
and, that would be my vegan banana pancake and vegan banana muffin :D i baked it i swear ^^
and the cake, that would be a banana vegan cake(baked the other day) i wanted to make banana pancakes, but then.. i noticed that i had no oil, so i baked it :D
 at the balcony, my plants..and my balcony is small.. taking pictures using a 50mm isn't a good idea. i still have other kind of plants.
 dat lens is a badass...and  this would be me at a reggae jam (late summer) i was one of the official photographers there. let's call it charity ^^

Sunday, April 6, 2014

last year's spring

now,. all i have to do is to take some pictures with my dreadlocks and this floral dress. amen.