Friday, September 8, 2017

friday morning and in 3 days?

jazz music, a cup of coffee
sleepy and tired
guess we had a good night last night
it's friday and i'm allowed to be lazy
listening to my prophet perhaps
ingredients ..
or let's see which book i should touch first
how about a movie?
hmm or another cup of coffee
this time less brown sugar?

b 🐒

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

thinkin about ..

..writing and posting on my blog again.
my last post was in spring and now autumn is comin
i've been writing alot lately.. mostly inspired by that great poet/prophet
sadly that my english is so lame ..
damn, i need to make a revolution on myself. where's my self-disiplines :D
but it's not that bad because i've finally managed to arrange my first exhibition
in the city i live and they loved it. the nice woman there said it was cute and scary lol
i'm thankful for that in fact for everything.. sold some photographs ..hhmmm...