Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my lucky what? and kurt cobain biography

..yessss, finally a book from england has arrived. it's a biography of kurt cobain. i started reading the book last night...sad.. and  been listening to this sad song too - My Girl - Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night .

let's move to another topic(read below)              

so, this is the fucking perfume!!! i hate the smell of it, couldn't try it while i was at the shop :D i just grabbed it because it was on sale, shame on me... shopaholic LOL
i used the perfume about 11hours ago, i still can smell it on me :D i just don't like it. i don't like this kind of david beckham perfume!! hohoho          

and my lovely lucky clover 
saw this accidentally, i was about 2 meters away from the clover. my feeling told me that something isn't usual there, i came closer and yaassss, the four-leaf clover!!! my first ever lucky clover, it's just so exciting, it makes me smile everytime i remember it ;) i don't care about the truth or myth about it, in fact i feel so good hahahaa!!!
well, maybe i do care a bit.. waiting for something positive ;)