Friday, January 16, 2015

friday, i am the celebrity.

currently answering some questions for a project 
not my project though, but i've participated in that project: #iamthecelebrity
on instagram. 

                  it's been 4 days since i received the questions,.but i haven't quite finished with my answers
                                     and the deadline is on sunday, damn.. damn.. damn..
                            it's kinda difficult for me,. i must record the answer..
                          they need my voice mmmeeeeeehhh... help :D
                                           bu bu but my english is bad :D anyway,.........
                         i'll do it later.. mhhhh

other news
been laying on the couch since... i don't remember
reading a book, magazines, catalogue ( do we really read a catalogue? :D )

 this blue vintage cup is lovely, isn't it. got it for free ^^

 i got the vintage spoons for free too, i wanna paint them into yellow color ^^
and the magazine, i've never seen it in the shop before, so i bought it yesterday evening on my way home after finished my tae kwon do trainin... bwhehehe