Tuesday, February 11, 2014

small tour - dortmund city.

saturday, january 11, 2014

the guys are dj klep and michael.. my new fav models.



                                 that expression though...

                                                  1 of my fav pictures taken by dennis.    

                                                       tiny me, obviosly when i'm standin next to a tall person.

                                                                 or not..

                                              i don't remember when was the last time i LOL like that.

                                         michael tried to copy my style in front of the cam, he admited it ^^

                                                  nice, this picture gives me inspirations. thanks dennis!

                                                               SOUL TRIPPIN DORTMUND

                             this is chris, he's a photographer too. best homemade pizza i've ever eaten made by him :)              
                                         michael is an artist ;) his work can be seen HERE and his music HERE 


                                                        pizza wasn't enough, so michael tried to eat his own finger ^^
                                                          thank you, come again ^^