Thursday, March 6, 2014

i spring, jazz ooh..

duck face in the public toilet near the forest today. and "not really sure" face at the party last saturday, had some funny stuff, heard some funny shit,. uh.. them eyes tho..
 so this is me today, had a photosession with myself in the woods, love that watermelon skirt ^^ and yea, i think i should shoot myself (more often) wearing different dresses..  i have these thousands of dresses.. but my faves are way too obvious :D and sometimes i'm thinking of stuff like "give away" you know, giving my dresses to people who might want them hohoho.. but i don't know..

the window once upon a sunny  morning.. ohohoo.. spring i love you.
 today's outfit :D  a pair of converse always treats me awesomegood, i can walk faster and jump higher ^^