Friday, March 14, 2014

Smartassphone did that to me.

foods. i tried to eat like vegan people, except for fish.. i stil eat it.. sometimes. yesterday i made my 1st pizza(tuna fish, mushrooms, onions, chili, blackpeppers,tomatoes. wasn't bad..
and those cucumbers, broccoli i ate on the previous day(late breakfast aka my 2nd breakfast)

that would be me and one of my little puppies.. we're shopping. oh, come on.. smartassphone and mirror at the public bla bla bla ftw ^^

 just another jogging picture. if you haven't tried making some selfie in the public toilet... well,. u shall give it a  try ...

yesterday,.. yes my tae kwon do class :D less my WHITE belt .. i'll need sometime to get me a yellow belt though..